HESED will work on any device you want to use it on. Simply visit hesedlearning.com on your mobile, iPad, tablet or laptop computer and log in. You can also download the HESED app.

Yes! HESED offers a free app for students to study their course and practise maths and English on the go and earn fun awards! The app is available for download on our website.

Yes, you can. HESED’s Nigeria’s O Level study pack has been designed and developed for the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE), West African Examination Council (WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO). All the syllabus of these exam’s Board is covered fully.

To study for GCSE/WAEC/NECO or CIE iGCSEs with HESED, you do not need any prior qualifications. However, it would be an advantage to have studied the relevant National Curriculum at level of (11-13 years), before you subscribe for GCSEs/iGCSEs. HESED provides Home Schooling study materials and Practice Questions for ages 13 to 18 years old.

HESED’s A Level courses require a minimum of 4 GCSEs (or equivalent) to subscribe. You need to have passed the relevant GCSE/iGCSE subjects at C grade or above. If you are unsure about whether your qualifications meet the requirements for A Level study, please get in touch with us.

The minimum age to enrol on HESED course is 13 years for GCSE/IGCSE courses.

HESED study materials comprehensively cover syllabus of Cambridge International Education (CIE) and applicable national curriculum. Therefore, these study materials can be used for Home schooling.

You can enrol on our courses at any time, although if you plan to sit exams (GCSEs, iGCSEs and A Levels) on specific dates there are deadlines for receipt of applications.

Yes, you can. You can sit your examination at any approved examination centre in your country.

  • IGCSE exams do not include coursework which contributes marks to the final GCSE grade.
  • iGCSE exams can be taken abroad, whereas the GCSE exams may only be taken in the UK.
  • As national qualifications, the GCSE and the iGCSE are on a par and fully recognised for acceptance on to A Level or other course. However, you are advised to check with any professional body or further education institution to which you are thinking of applying.

HESED practice questions are very comprehensive and are based on over 20 years of research on past questions of the relevant exam’s boards. The practice questions are randomised, and intensity is modelled to suit student’s level of study.

No! HESED study material is designed to be a complete self-study. We have used Rapid Learning Technique to design the course materials to facilitate independent and speed of learning.

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